...An ASC increase must be a considered decision since the elimination of excess charges does not always outweigh the cost of the higher ASC every month. In addition some increases require site works to be carried out that can be very expensive.

Electricity meters that have been or are due to be converted to HH as a result of P272, will be settled on the HH market in time for the introduction of DCP 161. To ensure the ASC is set at the correct level it is essential to understand the site’s requirements and peak Maximum Demand levels. Any sites that are incurring excess capacity charges will need to consider agreeing a revised ASC or take energy saving measures to reduce their maximum demand.

So what can you do?

Those who are moving from non-HH to HH meters are slightly vulnerable as they may not know their available capacity and should seek advice to establish the agreed capacity.

If you want to review your ASC or are looking at ways to reduce your energy consumption and avoid excess charges, Inspired Energy can help.

Inspired Energy can assist you in the following ways:

• Analysis of the existing Agreed Supply Capacity charge utilising HH data, Power Factor information and your own knowledge of the site to establish if an increase or decrease is required.

• Once it has been decided that a change is required we can contact the relevant DNO and request that a new Connection Agreement is drawn up. The new figure is then automatically passed to your current supplier who, in turn, ensures that the new figure appears on your electricity invoice.

• We will monitor your supply invoices to ensure that any change in the ASC has been correctly applied.

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